Considering tool definitions

I recently did a simple experiment. It doesn’t seem that Kiri:Moto is considering tool length. as a test, I created a tool that was 5mm long with a 3mm flute length and Kiri:Moto was happy as a clam to generate gcode to cut a part outline 50mm deep. It woudl be nice to have it behave in the same way that it considers tool diameter.


Perhaps nice to have but, unlike tool diameter, there is nothing KM can do to the tool path to make a short tool work when a long one is needed.

At best it might warn you that your part exceeds the cutting depth of the tool, but tool selection is ultimately up to the user.

Thank you for your reply! I’m new at this and the reason for my experiment was because the last pass of my first file gleefully sent my collet into my stock. Fortunately i was working with construction foam as an insurance policy…

Good to hear no hardware was damaged. Maybe Stewart can add that in. It does seem reasonable that if you tell KM about the flute length it should use that data somewhere, and would save having to do the check manually.

this is a current limitation of the path routing engine. it does not have a setting for tool offset from holder or a way to model that.