Comments in G-Code

Feature request!

My cnc controller doesn’t recognize comments that start with a ; only comments in parentheses () are accepted. Would it be possible to do this? It’s nice to have comments in the G_code

Would be wonderful to have this, Many thanks!

Thanks for the request. What type of controller is this?

It’s a german controller from EAS

It recognises commands from DIN 66025, which says that comments have to be in parentheses

I’ll take a look tomorrow and see if this is easy to add.

Thank you so much for looking into it!

I have two options for this:

  • change “strip comments” setting to a pull-down menu
  • trigger conversion of ; to () based on a file extension

I would prefer the first option, but it’s more work because it requires a change in the settings encoding. Does your controller use .gcode, .nc, or some other extension?

My controller opens files with .nc , .grbl and also files without any extension as long as the file contains legal g-code. 1st option would give the most flexibility, but of course if it’s too much work, I can simply carry on with the comments stripped. :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks again

I’m going to do #1. But I was hoping to do something faster until then.

I went another direction for this using a gcode header directive. I’ve been adding a couple of these (as documented here) because it’s easier than mucking with the UI and changing settings models, and doesn’t use screen real-estate for things that may not be all that common.

Just add


in the header to trigger a post-processor in the export. This is live in 3.8.1 (development). Let me know if this works for you and I’ll update the docs.

Brilliant! Works perfectly. Thank you so much!

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