CNC roughing oddness

I recently encountered odd behavior while generating a roughing pass - 1st, while processing the paths, “Transfer” was displayed on the progress bar - first time Ive seen it - and 2nd, there appears to be errors in the paths made about halfway down into the stock. The error paths show green in KiriMoto, and they show yellow in UGS Platform. I will link the workspace file for when you have time to look it over, Thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for the report. It does look like something odd is happening on a few of the layers. It’s also taking more time to process the preview than I would expect.

I’ll let you know what I find.

This did help me find a couple of issues. In one, Preview was not reporting route progress. In another, events weren’t being dispatched in groups (3.1 only). I haven’t yet traced the color mismatch. Still working on that.

The issue is caused by the use of the clear faces option for roughing. The complex nature of the model causes this to generate a lot of layer clearing that is mostly unnecessary. Disabling this option fixes the output. But you want the contours to be clean, which is why you probably checked this. The best way forward is to do a traditional roughing with a fixed step down then follow that with two contouring passes in X and Y. And you’ll want to use a smaller bit to capture the detail.

Thanks for your excellent help.
I thought I had disabled clear faces for the roughing pass… though I had used it previously, perhaps I accidentally turned it on again. I had chosen Inside Only on both passes this time, the stock is slightly smaller than the carve size.
Odd that the contour bit size was 1/8th, I have been selecting 1/16th throughout these carves. Would a workspace export change the bit size?
Thanks again

I added the Contour operations as an example. The workspace I got only had Roughing.

Thanks for your help!

Im having another problem now. I am cursed or something! Sorry to trouble you again.
The contour depth of this file is very deep compared to the roughing depth. Up to now I had no problems with depth from any files generated by Kiri:Moto.
The contour depth of the file is 6mm deeper than the deepest roughing pass. I tried a 1/8th bit roughing pass but experienced similar problems - the depth discrepancy is too much between the rough & contour pass. I dont knowwhat Im doing wrong or differently… is it because I have Inside Only selected?
This time I will include the generated NC files.

workspace file

Because the roughing bit is 1/4 and the contour bit is 1/16 – the roughing bit just can’t get into the detailed areas

Yes thats what I was thinking… but I tried a 1/8 roughing pass with the same problem, just slightly less than 1/4.

that’s expected. those features are fine. so 1/8th roughing will improve it somewhat. 1/16 bit is a 40% of the area of a 1/8 bit. the 1/8th will still be unable to reach areas where 1/16 can

Yes, it makes sense. However, I think this was my mistake (a one of perception). The choice to mill inside only affected my perception of UGS Platforms’ depth - since it is a mess of lines difficult to discern what from what. I think I will make more use of the Preview functionality in Kiri:Moto.
Thanks again

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