CNC not cutting right depth / Failing to use trace Operation for Part

Hey Everyone,

I received a new CNC a few weeks ago and I’m having difficulty creating a G-Code that does exactly what I want it to do. I used to different Postprocessors but since Kiri Moto was recommended by the manufacturer I switched and I’m really happy with the software.

But for this exact project I’m running into problems, The operation doesn’t cut the right depth on the 0.8mm Thick aluminum sheet. One Pocket is only 0.4mm deep but it cuts about 0.75mm deep. the other is a pocket that should be cut through the whole material thickness, but it keeps cutting for roughly another mm into the CNC bed.

I will upload the STL - The Workspace Data and the Tool Data.

Material : 0.8mm Alluminium
Tool - 1mm Aluminium Cutter 6mm Shaft Tool#19
Operation used to generate G-Code : Rough

Thanks a lot in advance

Failing to upload the rest of the Files - Due to new user restrictions

If you want exact depth matching for flat faces in a roughing operation, enable the clear faces option. alternatively, you could use the pocket operation which will allow you to select just the pocket to clear.

if you right click export your workspace and email the .kmz file to me at [ sa at grid dot space ] I’ll take a look