CNC mode doesn't slice

Hi There,

New to the program and new to cnc. I have kiri: Moto installed on onshape and following a tutorial.

But the cnc mode doesn’t slice? All other modes (SLA, lazer FDM) do slice but CNC keeps the proces bar on 0%. Any thoughts about this? If there is more information needed please just ask,

Thanks in advance for any help


What browser are you using? Does KM work when you run it from ? Do you see any errors on the Javascript console when slicing in CNC mode?


Try with the default, cube and one of the default tools. I have had this issue as well usually when I give KM too low of a depth of cut therefore making a very long toolpath.

Hi Stewart,

Im using Safari (16.3) and encountering the same problem when I’d run it from

Ive looked into the javaconsole and there is an error:
Unhandled Promise Rejection: TypeError: Right side of assignment cannot be destructured

Will google this.

Thanks for your input thus far.

Hi Dennis,

I’m using all default tools and machine. I was following an beginners tutorial to get a feel for the software and cnc. But stuck already :wink:

I just tried it with firefox and now its rendering (using so it’s probably the browser.

Tomorrow I’ll try using onshape with firefox and see if that’ll work. Any idea what the problem might be?

Safari is based on Apple’s WebKit which is a platform shared between Apple’s desktop and mobile operating systems. WebKit is waaaay behind modern web standards. This is 100% intentional by Apple. Modern HTML5 web apps can do 99.9% of what App store applications can do, but Apple can’t act as a gatekeeper and take a 30% cut. So they have hobbled WebKit for years to prevent that competition and enforce their monopoly.

I say all this as an developer that uses Macs exclusively for my desktop development work and have for almost 20 years. But I find Apple’s stance on this harmful to the ecosystem and hugely aggravating. WebKit is the new Internet Explorer for our age. Attempting to maintain any semblance of compatibility across all browsers when that has to include Safari is becoming nearly impossible.