CNC keeps trying to go to some unreachable negative coordinate

Hi there, I haven’t used Kiri since v3.5 and everything was working pretty good then. Now when I try and do anything in any version (even going back to 3.5) it keeps trying to send my CNC to an unobtainable negative X and Y and I have to kill the power to keep it from damaging itself. I think it might have something to do with the middle of the work space not being 0,0 anymore. I thought going back to v3.5 would let me work like I was working before it doesn’t. The preview looks correct in v3.5 but in v3.9 it does show it trying to go off into non-reachable space.

I’ve tested my machine with some older gcode to make sure it was still operating correctly.

workspace-3.5.kmz (619.3 KB)
Notebooks-3.5.gcode (80.7 KB)

workspace3.9.kmz (4.2 KB)
Notebook-3.9.gcode (78.7 KB)

Not sure if it helps but here is a similar setup in 3.8

notebook-3.8.gcode (108.8 KB)
workspace-3.8.kmz (539.7 KB)

Last post, I deleted everything and reloaded again in 3.5 and so far this set up is working it seems.

workspace3.5_Works.kmz (544.0 KB)
3.5Works.gcode (108.2 KB)

Got it. Replicated. Will work on a fix. Thanks

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Got a fix. Thanks for the test case. Will push to production at the end of the day.

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Thank you! Excellent work as always! :grinning: