Clear voids not working

I’ve been trying to figure this out all day. I got my part imported from OnShape. It about an eighth inch shorter than my stock. I set the stock offset and limits accordingly so the part is at the bottom of the material.

For the roughing cut Kiri:Moto should clear the top of the part. It doesn’t seem to matter if I have Clear Voids checked or not. I get the same result when slicing or previewing.

One screenshot is with Clear Voids checked, one is without.

Hi @Jeff_Oosterman and welcome. I will take this as a bug report. It seems likely I may have broken that in the last release. I hope to find and fix this today or tomorrow.

Thanks for the report.

Thank You so much. I was beginning to think I was going nuts. I KNOW I was doing it right but it didn’t show up no matter what I did.

One other thing. When I had it set for inches, it would squish all the lines above the part. No matter how small a step down I specified. It would only have two passes about a quarter inch apart around the part. The rest were above.

Just for yucks I switched it mm, just like the tutorial. It worked!

I’ve had a rough day wrestling with Kiri:Moto. I’m going to get a pizza and get back to it tomorrow.

Sorry for your troubles! Reach out sooner in the future. That way I can either fix it or set you on the right path.

The 2.2.x releases have problems with workspace units. I’m deep into 2.3.x now and it’s going to be a lot better. If you switch to the development channel ( I think you might find some of these problems are resolved. Of course, there could be new ones.

Sorry, it took me a while to find the forum. I’m usually very good with figuring things out on my own. I found some tutorials that were fantastic and that got me on the right track. Yes, I’ve had a frustrating day. Your responsiveness has made everything OK now. Thank You.

I’m sure once I get some parts under my belt, I’ll have a better handle on it. I’m already well on my way.

By the way, I’m a Fusion 360 convert. It was working great until a couple months ago. Now it’s a slow piece of crap. I’m liking OnShape and Kiri:Moto better already.

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good news. found the bug and will push a fix later this evening… (edit) and fix pushed.

Still having issues using inches. mm works fine.

steps to reproduce? I’ll try to find the bug and get it into tonights dev release.

I’ll get it for you.

Also, I ran two three cuts last night. Two of the three stopped in the middle. My X-Carve threw an error. I’ll check the logs and let you know what it is.

I run the slicer and preview in mm and it works fine. Go into preferences and change it to inches. Make the adjustments in Roughing, Stock and Limits. Run the slicer and preview and I get this:

It’s supposed to be using a stepdown of .015". It looks like it onl;y using that stepdown above the part.

It appears there was an M6T1 in the code. Since the X-Carve does not support tool changes it gave an error and stopped. I don’t believe we should get any M6 codes using the X-Carve.

ok, thanks. I’ll recheck all the units conversions with an eye on step-downs. you can edit your machine definition and clear the tool change script. blank is OK. then no tool changes will appear in the gcode.

Thanks Stewart. You’re the best.

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