Clear the current mesh without loading?

I have accidentally loaded an SVG that has hundreds of pieces. Now I cannot remove the loaded file at one time, I have to do it piece by piece. If I try to “clear”, the browser runs out of memory. I can only trash a few pieces at a time, otherwise it runs out of memory.
Is there a way to load Kiri:Moto with nothing on the build surface?
Can admin clear the part?
I don’t know what else to do, because selecting and deleting parts is taking forever.

hi @jsteward. I’ll have to try to reproduce this. all the data is stored locally in your browser. so clearing site data for will clear your workspace.

I have tried clearing the cache and doing a hard reload on the page (in developer tools on chrome). Not sure what else I can do. Maybe find a computer with more video horsepower? I still have a hundred pieces left that have to be individually selected and trashed. If I pick more than five or six and try to trash, I run out of memory. Bleh.
Thanks for any suggestions.

can you right-click export your workspace and DM (discord), email (sa at grid dot space), or otherwise share the workspace with me so I can duplicate the problem and debug?

first, shift + z, click “yes” to the dialog, reload the page

this will clear the entire workspace and settings without any methodical cleanup

second, what a great torture test. I was able to update the add/delete code paths to handle batching better and got about 100x speedup. in any other situation, this wouldn’t be noticeable.

this will be pushed to production in a couple of days when I return from a trip

Well that worked great. Sorry to have imported such a garbage fire.
Thanks for the fix.