Cannot open operation

Hm, I cannot open the operation “rough” or any added op… Could you give me a hint what I’m doing wrong?

harry_new.kmz (153.3 KB)

do you mean can’t open like this? have you tried importing your .kmz into a private browsing tab? any errors on the javascript console? any chance you’re on a laptop with a touch screen and mouse input? does click on the op open it if hover doesn’t? if touch screen, can you open it by clicking on the op on the screen?

@enhydra if it’s the touch screen thing, I think I have a fix. or at least something to test as a fix. will push to 3.7D in an hour or two.

I pushed a potential fix to 3.7.1D in production. let me know if that fixes it for you. I don’t have a touch-screen laptop to debug, though :confused:

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Yes, I have a touch screen and yes, your fix did the job. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hey Stewart, I do have the same problem. I can´t open the details of the operation. (neither touchscreen nor mouse) It worked two week ago. Thanks a lot!

Hi @peter. Are you using 3.6 or 3.7? Are there any error messages on the Javascript console?

using 3.7 it works! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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