Can be change fan speed to % instead of number 1-255?


I undestand, why are number 1 - 255 for the fan speed. (8 bits :). ). And I believe, that is it not a problem for any maker/geek/programmer. But it makes kiri:moto more complicated in education. Spend the time on explaining why 127 means 50% is just waste of time and can lead to the unwanted errors in the fan speed setting.

It is common, that the fan speed is specified as a % in range 0 - 100%.

Would be possible to change it in the Kiri:moto?

It is a small detail, but the “devil is in the details”. :).


it’s possible and not difficult to do this with some UI conversion code. I will accept pull requests to make this possible. I do not have time at the moment.