CAM roughing sometimes misses last inner offset even with small stepover

Hi again. Next thing:

I’ve found no “safe” small step-over to ensure area clearance, down to 25%.
When stepping down into a “3d” region (vs 2.5d straight walls), the tool path may leave an uncut remainder in the “middle” of one or several layers, then try to blow through it while clearing a lower layer.

I think it should be true that offsetting circuits can always clear area inside the outermost circuit when stepover is under 50%, without any difficult special cases.

The attached example shows alternation between leaving and clearing remainders while stepping down a tapering hole. It’s not a dramatic example because the uncut remainder never gets very substantial, but it should be a simple example/test case.

I’m working at a small scale with fragile bits, so maybe I’m complaining about remainders that most users wouldn’t care about. ?.

missing-inner-offets.kmz (101.9 KB)

remind me in a few days. i’m traveling through sunday :confused: will look when i get back

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I found the cause and fixed it for tonight’s release. It’s wasn’t entirely specific to you, but does affect geometries like this with very small tools. And so it’s not a use case I’ve really tested.

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Looks good now. Thanks for another fix!

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