CAM feature request: show stock size

I use let KM automatically define the stock size, it would be nice if there was a function that shows what the stock size is when I generator or export the gcode.

If in your device definition you disable strip comments, you will see the settings at the top of the generated gcode (here pictured in the export window when code preview is enabled in prefs)

stock related settings:

camStockOn (boolean)
camStockX (float)
camStockY (float)
camStockZ (float)
camStockOffset (boolean)
camStockClipTo (boolean)

would it be sufficient for your purposes to place the information here in the gcode header or are you looking for an on-screen representation prior to export?

Looking at the gcode comments is says the stock size is 0.
I am not defining the stock size in KM I am letting it define the size.

yep, that’s the offset size. so part dimensions + 0 in X Y Z

Is there a simpler way to figure out?
That screenshot has 3 parts all that have been manually placed with about a 6mm (eyeballed) gap between them. So dimensions for that layout is not hard to calculate but a layout like this one I resort to counting the background grid squares then converting to metric or checking the Gcode for the largest G1 command values I can see.

no, I’m going to have to have the internal calculations surfaced somewhere. the question is whether this merits UI work or if, for your purposes, just stuffing it in a comment in gcode is OK for now.

Just having the values in the gcode comments would be fine for me :slight_smile: Thanks

got it. I’ll add it to the next development release. likely tomorrow.

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