CAM feature idea: multi-ops/multi-parts order by parts or ops

When running multiple ops for multiple parts, K:M CAM currently runs all ops for one part then moves to the next part. Maybe call that “part-major order”. In recent/current usage, I’d rather run “op-major order” so that the first op runs for all parts, then the second op for all parts, etc.

Currently I could export as zip and sequence the files together myself, but would rather do less manual editing of the generated gcode.

What I have been doing is

  • disable all ops
  • enable the first ops
  • export
  • disable those and enable the next ops
  • export
  • etc.
    which takes more clicks in K:M but less manual editing of the exported gcode.

I don’t mean that the current ordering is wrong or that it should go away. Both orders have benefits so I’d vote for “op-major order” as an option rather than a change. For example, if something breaks in the middle of running multiple ops on multiple parts, the current “part-major” ordering will yield some finished parts, a bad part, and some usable clear stock. On the other hand, a crash in the middle of a job running the “op-major” order that I’m suggesting would yield a bunch of ruined stock and no finished parts – so that’s not always obviously better.

I’m guessing this would be a checkbox in the “Output” group.

But see this, which may obviate this topic.

but not with with the current code flow in KM. this requires some changes no matter what. not hard. just changes to the way slicing is called.