CAM circular interpolation

I’m looking for CAM help. I am just starting to use Onshape and Kiri to make the G code for a CNC. On my first test mill, I used a rough cut but Kiri did not use any G2 or 3 for curves, only G1 linear to move around curves in steps. How can I get Kiri to use circular interpolation for my tool paths?

Hi @Edward_Anthony and welcome! G2/G3 output for FDM was completed a few months ago. The plan is to port that code to the CAM stack during the 3.x dev cycle.

Great, thanks for the quick reply. Any idea when that cycle will be implemented?

I don’t have an official roadmap :confused: But I plan to do a lot of CNC / CAM work once the Carvera mill arrives. Still waiting on an ETA for that. But that will include adding 4th axis / rotary.