Buggy tabs layouts


Here is a sample where you can see what appears to be a huge buggy tab extending around half of the part up to the adjacent sides’ tabs instead of 3mm.

Please note that I have tried setting 3 and 6 tabs and this leads to different tabs layout bugs.



For what it’s worth, if I rotate the part Z180, so that the concave side points towards neg Y, 3 of the tabs are correct and the huge faulty one on the fourth side is missing.


Hi @Arnaud and welcome. Thanks for the report. It looks like the poly clipping code is buggy for that part with that orientation and settings. Do you mind sending me the STL? sa@grid.space thanks

Thanks Stewart, file sent.


got it. looks like a wrap-around bug in the way polygons are evaluated for tab clipping. will work on a fix. rotating it 180 degrees seems to work around the bug.