Big scale maiden print

Well in secret I’ve been building a Gridbot. Slight modifications here and there but now it’s up and running for the graduate.

Most of the parts are in black so what can be more suitable than name it BlackBot

Duet Wifi board with Paneldue screen which is a breeze to control in realtime with macros (never more Marlin for future 3D-printer builds :wink:). Pressure advance, retraction, un-retraction, extra priming… you name it. Everthing can be done during the print.

And for the graduate I choose a 3DLabPrint airplane model that is really complicated. With all settings calibrated to death the BlackBot is finally up an running for real.

I have some minor things to complete. A 4mm 330x330mm mirror (on a 4mm aluminium 750watt 220Volt, just take 40 sec for both bed and nozzle to heat to 220/60 degrees Celcius) bed with a spring loaded handle (instead of the nasty clips) to easy remove the bed plate.

The plane is printed in parts and glued together. All in all approx 36 parts all together to get the model complete. I’m printing a Focke-Wulf 152 H and if it turns out as expected I will print a larger Spitfire.

I’m not really into this but stumped on a video on YouTube and I got hooked. 3D-printed RC airplanes is übercool.

So, this is the goal…

3D Printed Aeroplane

If you want more pics or info (about the BlackBot), please let me know.


Wow. That looks great. I love the drag chain. I recently got a Duet for testing. The 2.5 (or 3.0) version of the GridBot may end up using it.

Thanks Stewart,

Yes the drag chain was a must for me in this build as I am going DD in the future. when these prints are done.

I must say that I am very impressed with the Gridbot. I have an Ender 5 and this Corexy is in a different league. It’s not only very fast but also accurate at the same time. The Ender 5 is now collecting dust but it will be handy for some prints in PLA/PetG. The Blackbot is aimed for ASA/Nylon and I will build a plexi box for it (or another Gridbox as I have lots of spare parts now).

Let me know what you think of Duet when you’ve taken a closer look to it. Don’t hesitate to ask . I’m not an expert but love going under the skin when it comes to configurations :slight_smile:


BTW, looking forward to see what you’ll come up with on the next Gridbot version.

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Nice chain, buddy!
Is there any possibility to copy this design?
:innocent: :innocent:

Sure, no problem. Go ahead!

If you need the mounts as .stl, please let me know.

Thank you)
Either sldprt or stl)
And some comments/more photos would be very nice!