Beginner - pocket svg

Hi all.

I’m trying to figure out how to place a pocket in an svg.

I have tried using the trace tool with the clear option enabled but that doesn’t appear to do anything.

I have seen a youtube video of a guy clicking about with the pocket tool but it looked like he was working with 3d geometry not an svg.

Ive also seen this post but it doesn’t apply because I don’t have geometry under the pocket i’m trying to make since its a 2d file.

The next thing I could try is converting the SVG to a mesh using blender, exporting the 3d file and import to kirimoto. But I was hoping there was an easier option since pockets and 2d geometry are things I’ll probably be dealing with regularly.

Any ideas?

Oh I figured it out. I had previously set prefs → units to mm thinking everything would be in mm. However the tool itself also needs the metric tick in order to take tool dimensions as metric. So the software thought my tool was over 3 inches in diameter which is much larger than the hole I was trying to pocket.

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