Basic leveling directions

Completely new to the program/design side of the hobby. I’ve played around with the CAM portion which is what I need for the Sienci Longmill that I bought. Got the leveling to work and even got a basic circle cutout done.

I’ve tried with all the different components available but none seems to have an option to do leveling in the same direction. Am I not looking in the right portion of the software or can leveling passes not go in the same direction.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hi @fbayona12 and welcome. The leveling is bi-directional. No one has ever asked that it be only in one direction. Is there a particular reason for this?

Hi Stewart.

I do hobby wood working with small accent tables and cutting boards. All of my work is usually with hardwoods that I have dried out. Before using the longmill, I had a homemade sled and would do the passes in only 1 direction for the finishing pass due to the grain on the hard work. This single direction pass would keep a consistent shade on the grain while planning.

The bidirectional passes makes the shades on the type of hard wook I’m using extremely difficult to sand out.

Makes sense. I was planning to split out a leveling op. That would allow room for more options like bi and uni directional.

Thanks for the feedback and quick response.

I’ll be on the look out for that update.