Automatic Dogbones in Outlining

This is the last new feature of the 2.4 development branch. I snuck it in at the last minute because I was reminded by a PR from @Type8 (seriously, thanks) that it was on my low hanging fruit list.

I did a ton of press-fit work this year and really wish I had coded this up earlier. Previously I had to spend a bunch of time modifying my CAD models to work around interior radii.


The custom tabs positioning plus the dogbones means that 2.4 is best version ever of Kiri:Moto for CNC. Hands down.
Thanks for your job :slight_smile:

Yay! That should save KM users collectively a heap of hours of fiddly CAD work.

A feature for the maybe-some-day file: some way to bias the relief cut entirely to one side of the corner. For use when the relieved side will be hidden and the clean side exposed. I have no idea what UI would make sense. You could argue that’s enough like “design intent” that it really should be in the CAD.

I’m all for having the tool infer and suggest good things. But I’m not sure I fully get what you propose. Maybe a quick sketch?

Like this:


(in the other/bottom corners the tabs are rounded instead of expanding the holes)

I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at :confused: I’m failing the Rorschach test.

The two views show opposite sides of the red gear.
The green plate has two tabs that project thru holes in the red gear.
In the lower view you see the “dogbone” reliefs expanding the holes in the red gear.
In the upper view you don’t. They’re hidden.

Does that help?

Sorry - I didn’t mean to make it obscure. Too close on the relevant bit = no context for making sense of it. :confounded:

ah, this is just about how the dogbone is cut. yes, this is a common form of dogbone and could be a parameter. and it will be an option in 2.5 after another great refactor.

Another instance of the problem of not knowing what to call a thing…

Seems like more than just a parameter. Because asymmetry. Curious to see how it comes out and content to wait.

yeah, it’s not easily a parameter. it falls under a human manually makes selections. which is why I deferred it to 2.5

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Selecting ‘wide cutout’ disables the ‘dogbones’ option.

Bug? I don’t immediately see how adding the second outline would prevent adding dogbone cuts to the first outline.

It wasn’t that. I only wanted dogbones in the interior cuts and not the exterior. It required extra code and thought. So instead of doing that, I just disabled it for that case and decided to revisit later.

Assuming interior cuts are void-cleared vs outlined out?

No problem for now - I’m not actually using this for anything yet.

btw I’ve dogboned exterior projecting tabs - prolly not a common case but more than zero.

Huge props for your rate of work on this stuff.

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