Approach to cutting this part, fillet issue

I would first do a rough to remove the center material. Then I thought a contour using a ball would be best for the fillet. But it only does half the fillets. See second image. How would I do the rough and fillets most efficiently? And why is it touching the 1/4 inch countersink holes?

workspace (1).kmz (446.0 KB)

It looks like you’re using contour with curves only enabled. that will mill any non-flat surfaces (those not co-planar with Z).

Each contour pass is dedicated to an axis direction. Add a second contour for the other axis (Y?) to complete the fillet

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I removed the holes for this pass and now it does something odd. See front edge. It is contouring the edge which does not seem like o=it ought to. It’s not doing the back edge or the side edges.

I’m happy to look at the model / STL and try to figure out what’s going on. You can DM the file to me on the Discord server if you can’t or don’t want to drop it or the workspace here.

I found the issue in the model.

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