Another round of CR-30 upgrades

With a second CR-30 in hand, I’m starting another round of printer upgrades. The knowledge gained from the first set of updates is proving highly valuable. This time I will make smaller incremental upgrades and document each individually. This should make it easier for someone to pick the modification that’s right for them.

The first upgrade is the simple addition of a linear rail for the X axis. This addresses what I think is the weakest mechanical part of the printer: the easily deflected hot end mount plate. The stock wheel mount for X is too close together, which I understand from a packaging standpoint. But it means the long lever arm of the hot end easily overcomes their weak clamping force.


Thank you for sharing. Being part lazy and mostly afraid to order the wrong part, what linear rails did you choose?
Also having watched your video I was wondering about offsetting the holes to put the head back in the same position. This is something I can work out on my own and just wondered if you had an opinion. If not when I get around to it I’ll post what I found out.

You can use any rail from 330mm to 350mm. I chose this one

If you want to stick with the stock plate, you can’t offset the holes because then the belts won’t fit anymore.

My second video in this series will offer a custom plate in two varieties. One will fit the stock hot end and the other is designed for a volcano all-metal hot end upgrade. Due to the forces required to hold the stock hot end, however, that custom plate must be milled out of metal. If you upgrade the hot end to a volcano, then the plate can be printed since it uses the pillow block holes so securely mount the hot end.

Would it help to countersink the holes and use flat-head countersink screws with the heads flush to the top of the plate?

it can’t hurt. but this is intended to be an easy upgrade without a lot of special tools. also, I don’t think adding more decimals to this upgrade will make a measurable difference.

I guess growing up with countersink bits as part of normal toolkit gave me expectation that they are normal… :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing. Can you make a video on the assembly of the two Y rails?
Thank you.

Hi @David_Vi … if/when I upgrade my second CR30 to Y linear rails, I will make a video covering it

ok thank you very much, I look forward to the continuation.