Animation/Security issue in Kiri:Moto

Ive been using Kiri:Moto inside Onshape for a few weeks - its been great.

Today when I fire it all aup - I try to run a CNC animation in Kiri:Moto and i get the message

“The security context of this window prevents animations”

I’ve done some digging - in the code in github - and it seems that something called a sharedArrayBuffer is required

I’ve enable this in experimenatl features in chrome - but to no avail.

The issue seems consistent across chrome, chromium, vivaldi and firefox

Is anyone having similar issues today?

And today it works fine … I’ll be generous to myself and say that this is because I created a bug report and ‘they’ fixed it …

hi @KyloeGraves … this is a caching issue. the token that enables this feature changed and your browser probably cached the old one in the iframe.

Hello @stewart - many thanks for that. I will be more diligent with my cache refresh in future!