Animation not working "The Security Context of this Window Prevents Animation

Looking for help, Using CAM system. I have been using KM for 5 months without fail but now I get the security failure message when trying to show the animation from whatever project I choose. I have tried my login from 3 different computers and get the same results. Tried clearing all cache and rebooting my computer to no avail also. Seems like something is might be wrong within my Onshape account.
Calvin Thorne

What’s your browser? Should work fine in Chrome and Edge. Firefox and Safari do not support SharedArrayBuffer in iframes without a specific security context. I’ve tried to get Onshape to suppose these changes, but it hasn’t gone anywhere.

I just pushed an update to the Origin Trials Token for Chrome that might resolve this for you. Let me know.

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I was so surprised to see the response came from you personally, thank you. This morning I just finished trying my access and your software upgrade has fixed the animation problem. Thankyou for this and the immediate response you gave me. I imagine you might have been getting other similar complaints. I am using a common pc Windows 10 ,64 bit, Chrome. I was pretty sure it it was application related as I had tried from 3 other computers. Thanks a lot !