Animation and time calculations 60x too fast?

I noticed in release 4.0 that the animation is insanely fast, and comments in the G-code are really small. Ex:

; ending pocket op after 19 seconds

They seem to be about 60x smaller than they should be, as if the calculations are in seconds instead of minutes.

A minor thing for sure, but wanted to let you know.

I didn’t do anything to increase the animation speed. Although I did upgrade the ThreeJS engine. Depending on your HW and OS, that could play a role. It’s entirely possible the estimation is off by some factor. I’ll check the code. Thanks

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I am not sure I have ever validated the speeds and times shown in the G-code before now so KM may have been like this for a long time.

My not blazing fast computer does a clearing layer, involving 64 corners and about 2000 mm of travel in about 2 seconds. By comparison, I ran the KM G-code through Camotics and it shows an estimated time of just over a minute for that same layer.

the animation in browser is not meant to be “real time”

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OK, knowing 1x isn’t referring to clock time makes more sense.

But what about the ; ending pocket op after 19 seconds?

It’s off by a factor which I need to figure out and correct

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Thanks, not a big deal but a reasonably accurate estimated cut time is certainly a nice to have thing