Advice where to buy parts


New here! The gridbot seems an excellent compromise and I’d like to build one. I’d like to know if anyone europe based has some advices on where to buy the components? Mainly the mechanical stuff : extrusions, linear rails, rods, wheels, gears, belts. Is there an online shop that has it all? Or do you buy at several places? I’d like to limit shipping to two places if possible at all (new to this diy sourcing stuff :slight_smile: )

Thank you for the really cool project and design !

Hi @philippejadin and welcome. The parts list for the v2 build is here:

I do not know about European suppliers, unfortunately.

Thank you for the bom.

Answering to myself, here are a few european suppliers that might be useful :

Will report when I’ll order

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This shop has great prices, ships is from spain :

They offer very cheap linear rails, but I guess they are “good enough” for 3d printer use (light load) :

Here’s where I bought my aluminum extrusions (and some more stuff as well)when the shipment from China was incomplete. Only for EU customers though.