Adding a contour operation for specific faces

I have a VERY simple piece, a large square plate with four small tapered holes and four straight holes in it (8 different holes). Ideally I’d carve out the straight eight holes with an end mill, then using a 1mm ball nose contour JUST the tapered sections of the four remaining holes. However I can’t see anyway on how to add a contouring operation for just selected surfaces.

Is there any way to add a contour operation for just the tapered sections? The only two ways I can see how to do this is either to a full contour on the entire piece (which is 2.5 hours) or add roughing operations with super tiny stepovers. Currently I’m doing two roughing operations, 1/8 in end mill with 0.5 step over, then a second roughing with a 1mm ball nose with a 0.05 step over, but this feels very time consuming and not particularly “good” use of my machine.

Hi @Diesel77 and welcome. There is an checkbox in contouring for “curves only”. This may do what you want. The ability to select areas for contouring is on the todo list for the next major release.

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I’ll give the curves only a try! I hadn’t seen that option before. Selected contouring will be a FANTASTIC addition!

Thanks!! Loving this software