Add Labels to Slices?

Is there a way to add labels to slices? e.g. Slice #1, 2, 3?

I’m using Kiri:Moto to slice 3d objects for laser cutting and stacking/assembly. When I slice a 3d object those slices are placed in rows on the X-Y plane, but there are no labels on the slices, and the only clue for order of assembly is the “move lines” (which aren’t very helpful once the number of slices increases).

If the slices were labeled, then the labels could be etched on the part and assembly would be much easier.

Thanks for all the work you’ve put in to make this project a success!

hi @jim4343 and welcome. if you select layer order under output, it will order the layers top to bottom starting at the top right and moving left and down. when this isn’t checked, it attempts a basic packing placement.

and if you choose layer color with this, the chart on the right will choose a unique color for each layer and the number will correspond with the layer.