A Tour of GridSpace Labs

Here is a behind-the-scenes tour of the “labs” area. In no particular order:

There is the totally excellent Sienci LongMill

And the scrappy but fun Anycubic Photon (original version) and a DIY curing station (agitation tank not shown). My favorite part of the curing station are the magnetic clasps wrapped in shipping tape that give a very satisfying “snap” when the lid is closed. See if you can find them.

The venerable GridBot White (other colors ahead) which is also the largest GridBot here with a 300x300x450 build volume

Glowforge. Not much to say here other than it totally rocks. But I hate that it’s entirely closed/proprietary.

GridBots Green and Purple. Each printer is a slightly different configuration or evolution of the build process. Green has a 0.3 nozzle for finer work.

GridBot Black is disassembled while I work out a BLTouch issue

The latest toy is this scope. Here my son is using it to debug a faulty MacBook motherboard.

DIY MiniMill. It used to be a Sienci MillOne, but the MDF was destroyed in a flood. CAD model available, but not one I want share since I’m still working on improving rigidity.

This is only here to shame my son into cleaning up his workstation

And his latest project which is a miniature vacuum former. Should be completed later today.


That might backfire… That is cleaner than any of my work surfaces :smiley:. I’ve never been accused of being neat though.

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a pretty complete setup.

Wonderful workshop. Quite the variety represented. I love my Glowforge. My avatar is when I went to BAMF 2017 on their dime. It was a great exsperience to demo the Glowforge while it was still being developed. (And it still is!) I specifically got fluent in Onshape to do my 3D modeling because the Kiri:Moto plugin made SVGs so easily. The recent improvements are great. Haven’t had time to test them all out but hope to make some dust this weekend.

I am getting this strange hankering to start making PCBs. That would be a totally new skill for me but I’m about ready for some simple perfboard tries and then who knows. Might be able to mill something with the MPCNC.

Thanks for setting up the forum. It will help me stay at it.