4.0 Development

Just a quick note that the 4.0 development branch is active. That means it’s live on Grid.Space and selectable under the version menu. The first order of business is a quick refactor of the UI layout scheme. As you see here, the left menu has moved up top. Next, the right click-to-open settings on the right will return to a larger tray on the left with expandable / collapsable regions much like the earlier KM interfaces (but improved, of course).

This is going to free up the right side for the operation chains in CNC mode. One other feature already live is device / profile sync, which you can find under preferences. This allows you to tie your settings to an email address and sync across multiple devices, including inside of Onshape. Pick the machine from which data will be initially seeded as the first machine to sync. After that, machines will cooperatively sync from whichever one was last used.

Once the UI settles, I plan to start a code refactor of undetermined scope. It may go all the way to current JS modules ditching the dedicated express server. We’ll see. The goal is to make it more approachable for developers … and tidy things up a bit.

After that, I have some ideas about polygon offsetting that I haven’t seen anywhere else that could solve both thin-walls in FDM mode and narrow channel milling in CNC mode.

As always, your input and ideas are heartily welcomed.


this is where things stand. the UI refactor is mostly complete. I think the menu layout, access to tools, dialogs are significantly cleaned up. it makes room for more device types and settings without getting too crowded.

I’m now thinking of releasing this refactor as the first 4.x release and then moving forward with internal refactoring in point releases. thoughts?

Great. Looking forward to the release.

I’d like to get 4.0 out before Open Sauce. If you have the bandwidth, please go test it out and let me know what you think / if you find bugs.


Been using 4.0 for a couple of days and so far everything looks good. Thanks

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I’m planning on releasing 4.0 this coming weekend. New Electron (Desktop binary) builds can be found here:

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Sounds good. I won’t be able to check the new version before next week. But I’m very curious. :slight_smile:

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Great news. Looking forward to it.