2nd import of a workspace doesn't show part

My environment:

  • running under Onshape
  • no drag 'n drop available, so maybe it works fine there.


  • export a profile and check “include workspace”

  • later, use shift-click on “import”, to retrieve this profile/workspace; this works fine.

  • delete the part

  • use shift-click-import again, for the same file – no part is populated.

  • repeated import attempts don’t work any better.

  • use shift-click-import to bring in a different profile/workspace; this works fine.

  • again, delete the part and re-import, and observe failure again.

Just realized I’m running 2.5.2. I meant to be running 2.6. I’ll retry.

Edit: Behavior is the same.

do you see any errors on the javascript / developer console?

No – no activity in the console at all.

sorry. having a hard time reproducing. does this happen for you in Kiri outside of Onshape?

Just tried it – yes, it does, using Chrome 88, on Ubuntu linux, on both KM 2.5 and 2.6.

Ah – but it doesn’t happen w/ Firefox.

Let me know if I can gather any debug info.