2nd Contour cuts through part


I found some topics describing the same issue, but also explained that with some updates of KiriMoto this issues should be solved by now. So I am not sure, whether I did something wrong or the issue is still present.

I added two Contour commands after roughing the part.

  • 1st Cotour runs in Y-axle, 2nd in X-axle.
  • Unfortunately, the 2nd Contour command cuts through the part.
  • I tried the Command with and without “Curves only”.
  • Both times with same unfortunate result.

Am I doing something wrong or is this still a bug?

I look forward to your suggestions, cheers

This is the part, how it should look like after CNC.

@Checkyourmailbox hello and welcome. Can you right-click export your workspace (makes a .kmz file) and share it here or email me [ sa at grid dot space ] so I can exactly reproduce your error?

Thank you for your help.

Thanks. I’ve verified the errant path. Looking into the cause now.

@Checkyourmailbox I’ve just pushed 3.4.D8 with a fix for this. You will need to use the top-right menu to select the 3.4 version to access this.

@stewart This is awesome. Simulation shows no crash anymore. I will try actual milling within next week.
You made my production so much easier if this works. Thank you very much :slight_smile:

PS: I have donated a little something. Cheers

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  1. Great! 2. Thanks! 3. Spread the word :slight_smile: