2.7 developments and goals

It seems the pendulum is swinging. 2.5 was mostly CNC. 2.6 was a mix of CNC and FDM (Belt). and it looks like 2.7 is almost all about FDM. here is the latest new feature in 2.7, which I’m going to use 1000 times a day from now on.

I have a huge grab-bag of features and bug fixes which I’m whittling away at (all in the notes.md in github if you’re interested).

Are there any burning issues you would like to see addressed before 2.7 goes final sometime in the next 4 weeks?


Hi Stewart!
I was a bit preoccupied with my regular job recently, so I was pretty much out of sync with all this stuff. Sorry! I promise you to get back)

But I wanted to shoot these wishes for a long time)

Here is my long term wish list for Kiri FDM. Basically, all these features are really necessary for ABS/SBS printing and I had to stay with Cura b/c of their absence.

  1. Initial layer horizontal expansion.
    I have it negative, something like -0.5mm. It is necessary when you squash filament into the bed in order to avoid an elephant leg.
  2. Hole horizontal expansion.
  3. Cooling management:
    3.1. Initial fan speed. You do not need the fan on the initial layer quite often.
    3.2. Gradual increasing of the fan speed on the span of several layers. If you add cooling too strong too fast the printer can go mad and declare a temperature error and shut down.
    3.3. Increase fan speed for supports and small features of the print. They need better cooling usually.
    How these small features should be defined and detected - this is a good question… I don’t like Cura’s “small feature max length”, etc.
  4. And very close to 3.3 - reduce the print speed while printing supports and small features.

May be I missed something… will add if remember.
And I am really sorry if I did not notice that you have already implemented some items of this list)) I was really out of sync for some time.

@oldsam thanks for this list. Much of what you’re looking for can be achieved with the new ranges feature. But not all. It is not feature-specific like holes or small areas.

The fan layer has been replaced with a fan speed parameter that is controllable on a per-layer basis.

First layer controls include speed and extrusion factor. That is now also controllable per-layer.

Since Kiri treats supports as a separate (synthetic) object in the workspace and ranges have the technical capability to be applied per-object, adjusting fan speed for supports should be possible with a small change.

As for 4. above, Kiri already has the “short path” parameter that will slow prints for small features. the “min speed” parameter determines the lower bound for slow-downs.

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You’re doing a great job Stewart.

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