Settings: on click disable hover until next click outside pop-out?

(A new topic to separate some petty whinging about UX from the functional question of clickability for mobile access - which was itself a new topic to separate that from actual CAM functionality questions)

I don’t really love the hover activation of settings pop-outs. IME using the settings dialogs often requires deliberate attention to

  • activate a pop-out dialog
  • move directly sideways into the dialog without rolling over the corner of an adjacent button
  • move up or down the dialog to a target item…
  • carefully, to stay inside the dialog area without rolling over a different settings button…
  • especially to reach checkboxes on the right edge of the config dialog right next to other settings buttons.

(And for mobile devices it’s a bit of a tease that the settings buttons do go grey on a tap (right) or show the pop-out on tap-hold (left).)

But I’m sure there are people who adapt well and appreciate saving some clicks.

How about, in addition to hover activation, on click/tap in a settings button:

  • if the pop-out isn’t open, open it (for mobile devices)
  • disable pointer-position reactive actions
    until the next click/tap outside the pop-out area
  • on the left probably, but not necessarily, close the pop-out after an item within is clicked/tapped

But that’s little stuff. I appreciate that KM exists, is offered freely, and works as well as it does.

I can add an option for dialogs to require “click-to-activate” instead of hover-pop. That would imply click-to-dismiss, as well or [esc] key.

@pmc fix and new feature pushed to production. thanks for the nudge.

(and Outline tool fix came with it)
Appreciate it.