Roughing toolpath outside workspace

Hi there, love the software, but I seem to be having a problem with my roughing toolpath. The very last moves sends the tool off the workspace. I’ve tried different settings and can’t seem to stop this from happening.

hi @Arborister and welcome. that looks disconcerting. can you right-click export your workspace and email the .kmz file to [ sa at grid dot space ] for me to debug?


First, this is a bug when stock is disabled. Often there is confusion around the origin and what you see on the screen. Without stock, placement of the part matters. When stock is enabled, everything is relative to the stock, and it doesn’t matter where the part is in the workspace. Which is why, in the future, stock will always be on. This will simplify the code, possible bugs that flow from it, and also confusion around origins.

I recommend, in this instance, to enable stock with 0 offsets. Then all movement is relative to corner of the part, not the placement in the workspace. You can place the part anywhere on your mill and just zero out X/Y with the tool at the place you want to call 0,0.

Awesome, easy fix…thank you so much

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I’ve experienced similar behaviour recently. When the tool moves between parts, it will move to an intermediate position first, often outside the workspace. This evening was only the second time I have experienced this issue, but it is only the second time I have used KM since the 3.8 release.

Wanted to upload the workspace for you, but the system denied me (new user).

Please try the attachment again and if it fails, email to [ sa at grid dot space ]

thanks for the report!

workspace.kmz (824.0 KB)


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Thanks for the test workspace. I’ve replicated the bug. It is a bizarre one that will require more time to debug when I get back from FOSDEM. In the meantime, I exported the object layout as a single STL, deleted the workspace objects, then re-imported the monolithic part and it slices and routes properly.

updated-workspace (1).kmz (690.1 KB)