Make KM mobile-accessible again?

(I’m more concerned about the actual CAM code. Here’s a lesser thing.)

While not optimized for mobile devices, the “old” UI could was usable on mobile, i.e. touchscreen-only, devices.

In the new UI, the various settings buttons respond to taps by turning grey but do not pop-out configuration dialogs. (on the right side - on the left the sub-options pop out while the button is held but can’t be selected) I don’t know how to generate a mouse-over input with e.g. Chrome or Samsung’s browser on Android using the touchscreen.

If I plug in a USB mouse, KM recognizes the mouse pointer over buttons and works normally. That kinda works for a tablet at home.

At least one user would like to use KM on mobile devices again. I understand that I can choose the older version, but would like to use current slicing code.

Making the pop-outs pop out on tap/click & stay until something draws focus elsewhere seems like a simple way to make KM usable on a whole lot more devices!

Ok, so there’s more to it than that. Like, at least a “clear” (or delete) button to make the cube go away. Can be done with a BT keyboard, but same downside as using an external mouse.

This is doable. Click to make a dialog open/sticky, at least. What device are you using specifically? I would like to be able to test as I make code changes.

I’m using:

  • Samsung Galaxy
    • s10e
    • Tab s2

But this is essentially solved.

  • Making the settings dialogs tapable opened up most of it
  • I discovered Hacker’s Keyboard has a ‘permanent notification’ option that gives a status bar widget to bring up the keyboard at will - so there’s a delete key to clear the cube.

While not the most slick, an on-demand keyboard makes it doable.

I’ve made a half-hearted effort to see if there are other real problems without a keyboard but so far have find only deleting the cube.

Ironically, Samsung s5 could do ‘hover’, back when KM didn’t need it. Bummer sammy decided we have no use for that trick.

I’ll add a “clear” button under “view”