Help - CNC options are different depending on which machine I am on

Hello Kiri:moto Forum Members,

I am pretty new to Kiri moto, I have watched a few tutorials and now I am running into a few issues when I am trying to get Kiri to do what I need it to do. And it also depends on which PC I am working from ironically.

When I am on my laptop (this is the faster PC):
Kiri Moto will create CNC pathways for all elements in my drawing and animate them, HOWEVER I cannot change any of the speeds/feeds, tool options, or plunge rates/overlaps. I don’t have a sub menu option when I place the mouse over any of the options that say “Rough”, “Contour”, etc…

When I am on my desktop:
I have sub menu options, ability to adjust all the things I can’t adjust on the laptop, HOWEVER when I have Kiri:moto “Preview” the CNC pathways, it will NOT cut out all the pockets. And when there is NO extra stock selected on the part, the CNC feels that it need to cut all they way down around the “part.”

Any support on this would be much appreciated, please let me know what other information I can provide and if needed, how to post images so you can see my screen, or even a video of my screen if that helps.

Thank you.

Hi @JellsworthED and welcome.

Does your laptop also have a touch display? If so, it’s possible the interface is confused by the presence of both mouse and touch options. I had not considered this before. Touching (or clicking on) the CNC operation may give you the pop-up menu.

On your desktop, it’s possible the CNC operations are using different settings. Since you were not able to edit the defaults on the laptop, it was likely using defaults.

Pictures help. If you right-click export workspace and email the .kmz file or a link to it on google drive, it can also greatly aid debugging.


Thanks Stewart,

Yes my Laptop does have a touch display, so that would explain alot in terms of the confusion from the system interface and the lack of options.

Where do I email the .kmz file to? Or would a google drive link work better?

Thanks again!

Email file or link to it to [ sa at grid dot space ] or drop it here if you don’t mind sharing it with the public.

Hey Stewart,

Sorry for taking so long to get back. Attached is the .kmz file that you requested. The part is a three slot piece of wood, however when Kiri:moto calculates the pathways, it only sees 2 of the 3 slots, and the reason is very much unknown. This is under a different account user. When I use Kiri:moto to calculate pathways on my account from my desktop it worked great, and until this morning, it was working on my laptop.

So attached are 3 .kmz files of the same part. The missing 3rd slot is from a different user’s kiri:moto, the My workspace - laptop is self-explanatory, and the same part - desktop is literally the same part but from my desktop account.

Thank you again for your help.


P.S. I just tried to upload the files onto this link, but it says new users can’t upload these. So I will email them.

Hi John,

Just got your email. The three parts and roughing settings are all slightly different. I placed them into one workspace to show the difference. The working part has wider flat areas that the tool can fit into. Also, the step-over and leave-stock play a role in this.


Thanks Steven, I greatly appreciate that info, it makes a lot of sense in regards to the step over vs. the tool size. However, would the toolpath still show that some of the material is being removed to create the channel at least?



I understand how that might not be intuitive. The outline, pocket, and trace operations are good ways to address this. I would typically use a roughing operation with inside only enabled followed by an outline operation to clear the vertical faces and cut out the part. You might want to consider tabs for the cutout pass.