G0 movement hits the stock using custom tabs positioning

Hi, yesterday I tried the custom tab positioning in kiri:moto from localhost:8080 (the last commit I have in my master branch is 94dc665).

I put 2 tabs in a void and several others on the perimeter.

During the milling, when cutting the tabs in the void, a G0 movement was done after a too low Z lift.

I think that the problem is here (line 2970):

G0 Z-4.0006 F300
G0 Y174.8202 F1000

I am using my lowrider CNC at slow speed, so nothing happened but I think it could create problems.

I attach 2 picture and the full GCODE.

STL orientation and tab position:

result when milling the wood:

Here the full Gcode: https://pastebin.com/raw/P6CBvZNC

Thanks, Umberto :slight_smile:

I actually think that the wrong gcode lines are:
G0 Z-4.0006 F300
G0 X40.4493 Y166.1674 F1000

Lines: 2911 and 2941

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that sort of makes sense. it sees the gap in the middle as open. will look into a fix today.

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Thanks :slight_smile:

should be fixed in today’s D11 release

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