CAM contour errors

I have been trying to contour a manifold STL file but get errors when carving from UGS Platform.
Areas around the edges that are steep angles. I pushed the tolerance up to 89 from 85 in the contour panel in KiriMoto but the errors remain. In UGS, the errors show as yellow lines. The first time I attempted the carve, I left it at the default X but tried Y subsequently as well. The attempted carve aborted on its own, but during the carve I observed the path skipping in the yellow areas - the mill just “scooted” over them. I have run out of ideas to fix this problem. I will include the workspace with this post.
Processing: workspaceSave.kmz…

Sorry new users cannot upload. I will try another way to send you the workspace

I cant find anywhere to upload the workspace file

I will upload the workspace file to you when you request it. I am patient, & really appreciate your excellent work. I imagine you have other posts etc to respond to, and will keep an eye out for your response when you have time.

hi @bongo_matteo and welcome. can you share the workspace with Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar?

Here is the workspace file

Are you seeing errors in these places? This looks like a gcode post-processing bug (turning some cuts into moves) since it’s not present in the preview. Investigating.

found and fixed the bug causing this (a missing default plunge rate). the fix is in production. I’m hoping this was the source of your problem.

Wow, that is bang on! And fast. You’re a machine, sir!
When I ran the Y contour, I observed the areas of error were located similarly but cast across the Y axis; a patch on the forehead, under the nose, the slope at the bottom of the model.
Thanks a lot for your help and attention to this… and for this excellent program!

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Already working now, thanks again

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